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Vancouver Bike Rental at Stanley Park  1754 Davie Street 604-568-8490
Is it easy to get to the seawall and Stanley Park from your location?
Yes, just walk your bike a few steps to the corner, cross to the seawall and you're on your way. You will finish your ride at beautiful Engish Bay where you can watch the sunset and visit one of the great restaurants.

Are helmets mandatory when riding a bike in Vancouver?
Yes. In 1996 British Columbia became the first Canadian province to enact a law mandating helmet use by bicyclists of all ages when riding on a public roadway.

What are your hours of operation?
Hours of operation vary during the year depending on the daylight hours. See our contact page for the latest information. We are open seven days a week all year.

Do you charge for the use of helmets and locks?
No, the use of helmets and locks is included in the rental price.

Is it necessary to reserve?
It is not necessary to reserve.

Do you do group rentals?
We offer significant discounts for groups over 10.

How do you calculate the charges?
We record the time you leave our store and you pay when you return. We charge a minimum of one hour, then 1/4 of the hourly price for every fifteen minutes after the first hour. The half day rate is for between 3 and 6 hours. Our day rate is from opening to closing.

Do you do long term rentals?
We have very reasonable overnight, weekly and monthly rates.

What is the distance around Stanley Park on the Seawall?
It is 6.5 miles or 10.5 Km around Stanley Park's Seawall. It takes approximately one hour to ride it.